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GIZ Program Synergies in Climate Risk Insurance

28 June 2019, 3:00 - 4:00 PM


Climate change, extreme events like weather-related disasters, as well as slow onset changes such as rising sea levels, threaten sustainable development and resilience, impair socio-economic development and reinforce cycles of poverty across the globe. Climate impacts undermine resilience and the capacity to recover and absorb losses from these events, especially that of poorer countries and their citizens, by reducing their agricultural productivity, weakening water and food security, increasing the incidence of diseases, and threatening the existing infrastructure, economic productivity and value chains.i

GIZ has long recognized this problem and has adopted an integrated approach to addressing climate and disaster risk management. Climate Risk Insurance is a vital instrument in this integrated approach and supports global initiatives, especially those of vulnerable countries, with regard to managing climate risk and their causes. Providing CRI is a collaborative effort not only among actors in a given jurisdiction but likewise among various initiatives where exchanges of experiences and learnings prove to be helpful to the development of appropriate solutions.

To facilitate this collaborative effort and exchange of knowledge within GIZ, a webinar will be held on 28 June 2019, 15:00 – 16:00 (PHT) for managers and advisors of relevant programs and projects.


  1. Present various Disaster Risk and Climate Risk management and transfer projects of GIZ
  2. Brainstorm on potential cross cutting activities that can contribute to the common objectives
  3. Discuss possible next steps


15:00 -15:05 Welcome Remarks, Dr. Antonis Malagardis – Program Director RFPI Asia III
15:05 – 15:25 Presentation of the Projects
15:25 – 15:50 Discussion of cross-cutting issues and possible areas of cooperation
15:50 – 16:00 Next Steps

Programs/projects invited to the webinar include:

The expected outcome of the webinar is a documentation of the complementation among the programs and any agreed joint activities moving forward.

Invited participants are requested to provide a 2-slide powerpoint summary presentation in order to facilitate the discussions. Attached is a sample format and a matrix summarizing the intended synergies of RFPI Asia III with the invited projects/programs. Slide 1 in the ppt format is a description of the project/program while slide 2 indicates the cross-cutting issues which the project/program should address in order to achieve their respective objectives. Participants are requested to submit their presentations to by 24 June 2019.

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