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The Mutual Exchange Forum on Inclusive Insurance (MEFIN) is a collegial body of insurance policy makers and regulators. It was formed in May 16, 2013 in Cebu, Philippines when financial inclusion policy makers and insurance regulatory authorities from 6 countries (Indonesia, Nepal, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam) signed the so called Cebu Declaration jointly with the officers from GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and the Asian Development Bank. The Cebu Declaration is a non-binding document which declares commitment of the signatories to the promotion and development of inclusive insurance (microinsurance) markets. In January 2016, MEFIN was transformed into a formal network, with Pakistan as a new member. It aims to become a sustainable body that is independent from any project-based funding.

The MEFIN Network serves as a platform of peer-to-peer learning among policy makers and insurance regulators in Asia who are committed to promote inclusive insurance solutions especially for the low income and the informal sectors. It develops and implements programs and activities that provide mutual benefit to its members in advancing inclusive insurance measures.

The MEFIN Network has Public-Private Dialogue as one of its strategies in promoting and developing inclusive insurance in the region. Thus, membership top the Network was opened to the private sector.

How to become a member

Membership to the MEFIN Network is open to the following:

  1. Inclusive Insurance policy makers and Regulators
  2. Insurance industry associations
  3. Academic institutions
  4. Others organizations, to be identified by the MEFIN Network and published shortly

Interested institutions and associations must accomplish the Online Membership Application Form below. Applications shall be reviewed based on a set of criteria which shall be decided by the MEFIN Network and released on this website, soon.


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